Dues Policy

Dues in the amount of $325 should be paid no later than January 1st of each year. Make checks payable to “Chadsford HOA.” Checks should be mailed to our address:

Chadsford HOA

PO Box 110571

Durham, NC 27709

If you have questions about your payments, please contact HOA board, board@chadsfordnc.com.

Financial Collections Policy

The board has outlined the following steps for the collection of dues:

  1. Notify residents in November that upcoming dues are to be paid by January 1.

  2. Give 1 month grace period before incurring late fees of $25 (beginning Feb 2)

  3. The board will send a second notice for unpaid dues in February.

  4. Beginning March 2, the board can charge 18% interest, compounded daily from January 1.

  5. Delinquent homes will be referred to attorney at this time.

  6. See page 3 of the Community Maintenance Policies (3-2017) here.