Get Involved

Want to get involved? Contact us!

We are still have an opening on the board and as committee members. Email the board at if you are interested in any open positions.

Board Members

  1. Terrence Scarborough
  2. Lorraine Bleeke
  3. Ashley McLeod
  4. Michelle Watson
  5. Sean Cacciabaudo

Committee Chairs

As members of the Board, we try to make the best choices on behalf of the community to protect your investment. However, we can’t do it alone! Below are our committees that we need your help to chair! Committees can be led by community residents; please let the Board know if you’d be interested in serving your community!

  1. Community Maintenance/Upkeep Chair - Allison Farrington has offered to chair this committee but it’s a large community and could use your help! This committee works to ensure that all residents are maintaining their property per the covenants.
    • Ensures all residents are maintaining their property per the covenants
  2. Landscaping Chair - Open
    • Like being outside and have a green thumb? This committee is currently without a chair and is responsible for replacing potted plants in common areas, at entrances and organizing Board-funded community events to assist with these initiatives
  3. Website Committee Chair - Michelle Watson
    • Updates and maintains the Chadsford website and listserv)